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A First Job

Finding a first job is tough for young adults. Being a first employer for those with and without IDD is an important part of the BeanZ & Co. mission. “At BeanZ & Co., we aim to be a first stop on a career path – a place to learn skills and cultivate a sense of purpose that our employees will carry with them well beyond our doors,” says Noelle Alix, co-owner, BeanZ & Co. And this visionary approach is changing lives for the better.

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Meet a Few of Our Team BeanZ Lunch Crew

Our employees are the heart and soul of BeanZ & Co. We call them, Team BeanZ. Day in and day out, they help us prepare and serve delicious food and care for our customers with the highest quality service – and always with a smile. The editorial staff at “Where Everyone Belongs” sat down with three members of our Team BeanZ lunch crew to hear the scoop on everything BeanZ!! 

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